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Jul 27, 2023Jul 27, 2023

Swift Violets are flowers that like to grow on walls in the western regions of Hyrule, making them difficult to find in Tears of the Kingdom.

Herbs and flowers are materials that can be cookedor fused to weapons/shields. Some will even give an effect to the meal when cooked. Knowing which herb/flower does what will help Tears of the Kingdom players if they need more attack power, weather-resistance, and more.

Swift Violets are a somewhat rare flower that only grows in select areas. Unlike most flowers, they only grow on high cliffs, meaning Link's going to be doing a lot of climbing if he wants to farm them. Fortunately, there are a few methods that can make Swift Violet-farming simpler in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Swift Violets grow in the Hebra Mountains, Tabantha Frontier, and the Gerudo Highlands. If players are going in the recommended order of the "Regional Phenomena" main quest, then they'll be going through Tabantha Frontier and Hebra Mountains for "Tulin of Rito Village." Thus, it's possible to farm Swift Violets fairly early in a new playthrough.

The Gerudo Highlands is a very cold area for Link to be walking around in. If players go to the northern cliffs of the Gerudo Highlands, there will be some Swift Violets on the walls of Hemaar's Descent. From the Gerudo Summit, go north, past the Mystathi's Shelf. The summit itself can be reached from the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower (-3966, -1260, 0426).

Swift Violets grow in the Hebra Mountains around -4070, 3183, 0183. This is north of Sturnida Basin and south of Hebra North Summit, which players can reach by launching themselves from the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower (-3684, 2343, 0233). Since this area is rather chilly, make sure to have level 2 cold-resistance.

Another place to look for Swift Violets is in the Tanagar Canyon around -2790, 1641, 0122. This is on the other side of the Tanagar Canyon, north of the Hyrule Ridge Chasm (-2461, 1129, 0162). Players can also reach these coordinates of the canyon by heading east from the Lucky Clover Gazette or the Oromuwak Shrine (-3079, 1618, 0243).

Swift Violets can be bought from the general store in Zora's Domain. One Swift Violet is 40 Rupees. If Link wants all three Swift Violets, it's going to cost him 120 Rupees. The general store will restock every 24hs of in-game time. Players can pass the time by waiting at a campfire, or resting at an inn.

Since armor is quite pricey and gems are difficult to come by, it's recommended to hold off on buying Swift Violets until players buy the armor that they need.

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Here are some things to keep in mind when farming Swift Violets:

Some of the Swift Violets grow in areas that have dangerously low temperature. This will require Link to have at least level 2 heat resistance. Players can purchase two pieces of the Snowquill Set at Rito Village if they have the money. Otherwise, cook a meal with warm ingredients (such as Spicy Peppers), and Link should get a cold-resistant buff that lasts for a set amount of time. Another way to fight off the cold is to equip a flame weapon, such as a Ruby-fused melee weapon or shield.

Some of the violets are high up, so Link's going to need to climb some steep cliffs just to reach a bundle. Have Stamina Elixirs (cook Restless Crickets and a monster part) or get the Climbing Gear. If the Climbing Set is upgraded to level 2, then the stamina used to "jump while climbing" will be significantly reduced. It's recommended to have more than on stamina wheel if looking in an area like the Gerudo Highlands.

If players have the Camera, they can take a picture of a Swift Violet, which will then be added to the Hyrule Compendium. If players have the Sensor+, they can track the location of nearby Swift Violets. Considering how the violets grow on cliffs, getting the Sensor+ is highly recommended.

For those that don't have the Camera or the Sensor+, here's what to do:

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As a flower, Swift Violets qualify as an ingredient for cooking. Tossing one into a pot will give the meal a hasty effect, temporarily boosting Link's movement speed. Swift Violets can also be used to cook some of the meals that can be given to Malanya for upgrading horses.

Players can also fuse Swift Violets to their weapons and arrows. However, it has a Fuse Power of 1, so it's not going to do much damage. They're better off being used for cooking or ground up to make purple dye at Kochi Dye Shop in Hateno Village.

Arguably the best use for Swift Violets is to save them for armor upgrading. This is a feature in Tears of the Kingdom that unlocks when players complete the "Serenade to a Great Fairy" side adventure at Woodland Stable. Before "Serenade to a Great Fairy" can become available, Link will need to speak to Traysi at the Lucky Clover Gazette (just before the bridge to Rito Village) to get the "Potential Princess Sightings!" side adventure.

There are four Great Fairies in Hyrule, and each one is locked behind their own quest with the Stable Trotters. If players want to max out their armor level, they're going to need to restore all of the Great Fairy Fountains.

Swift Violets can be used to upgrade the following armor sets:


Defense (per Armor Piece)

Required Materials (per Armor Piece)

Sand Boots



Snow Boots



Climbing Set (i.e, Climbing Gear, Climber's Bandana, Climbing Boots)



The Sand Boots and the Snow Boots are not part of armor sets, so there's no need to upgrade them unless players want stronger boots when exploring the desert and snowy regions.

On the other hand, the Climbing Set does have a Set Bonus, but this can be obtained by upgrading each piece of the Set to ★★/level-2. Each piece will require 20 Swift Violets, totaling to 60 Swift Violets in all just to max out the Climbing Set. It's a heavy investment for armor that caps out at 20 defense upon ★★★★/level-4. Thus, it may be better to upgrade armor that has a higher defense than 20, such as the Champion's Leathers or the Armor of the Wild.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available for Nintendo Switch.

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